Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sarah Palin Wigs

To cash on surging popularity of Sarah Palin,WigSalon came up with a Palin-wig, inspired from none other than hearththrob Raquel Welch.

When a client asked WigSalon to make her a wig that looked like Sarah Palin's hair style and color, she expected to wait weeks for it. She was really surprised when she got a call the next day from the owner saying that we already had the wig style and the right color for her. All she needed was "a few bobby pins and maybe some eye-glasses" to complete her look. Sarah Palin's color is a dark brown with strawberry blond highlights that show especially up front.

Raquel Welch already made that color: 8/29 GLAZED HAZELNUT, and her new VALENTINE wig is a very close approximation of the Palin hair style.

Simply bobby pin back the upper layers of the Raquel Welch's new Valentine wig style, which is truly beautiful in it's own right, and let the longer layers fall freely.

These are the colors you should consider if you want a true Sarah Palin look. The Hazelnut shades have the strawberry blond hightlights, and the Chocolate Copper has an auburn highlight on a deep brown base, which Sarah also shows in some seasons.

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