Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Barack Obama the $66 Million Man

Desperate to change the election narrative, the Democrats released a breathtaking number yesterday: $66-million(U.S.).

That's how much Barack Obama's supporters donated in August. No politician, not even Mr. Obama himself, has ever come close to raising that kind of money in one month. In August, 500,000 new donors joined the two million who already have contributed to the presidential nominee's campaign.

Republican nominee John McCain raised $47-million (U.S.) during the same period - by far his most successful effort. But because he has accepted public financing for his campaign, Mr. McCain is prohibited from spending more than $84-million (U.S.) during this fall election season.
Why does this matter? For two reasons: First, it suggests that Mr. Obama will be able to outspend Mr. McCain by something approaching two to one over the coming weeks.
Second, it reminds us that the fundamentals in this election continue to favour the Democrats, despite the euphoric frenzy among social conservatives over Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin.

These are the top-10 industries from which the U.S. presidential candidates receive personal

Barack Obama:

1. Lawyers/law firms $24,060,136
2. Retired $23,180,767
3. Education $10,375,038
4. Securities & investment $9,873,356
5. Business services $6,746,937
6. Real estate $6,421,385
7. Health professionals $5,852,212
8. Misc. business $5,411,083
9. TV/movies/music $5,161,298
10. Computers/Internet $4,258,226

John McCain:

1. Retired $23,536,345
2. Lawyers/law firms $7,959,446
3. Securities & investment $6,893,293
4. Real estate $6,796,844
5. Misc. finance $3,907,413
6. Health professionals $3,563,798
7. Misc. business $3,122,709
8. Business services $2,550,153
9. Commercial banks $1,868,224
10. Insurance $1,655,352

Source: OpenSecrets.org

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