Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Phoenix-based comic book store to sell McCain, Obama comic books

It's official. Everybody's trying to capitalize on the presidential election.

Phoenix-based Atomic Comics will start selling biographical John McCain and Barack Obama-themed comics on Oct. 8.

Idea & Design Works, a San Diego company, publishes the 32-page, full-color books priced at $3.99 each.

Presidential Material: Barack Obama chronicles "the rise of the Democratic candidate from his humble beginnings to his spot on the November ballot," according to a store promo.

Presidential Material: John McCain "follows an American hero from the dregs of Vietnam to the halls of Washington, D.C."

Bill Mitchell, president of purchasing for Atomic Comics, said neither candidate is portrayed in tights. Neither has super-human power.

"This is a great to get people involved in registering to vote," he said. "Most of the people that work here are political, so we know how politics affects our lives. We wanted to make sure other people got involved as well."

He added there are spirited employee debates at Atomic Comics, which has not endorsed either candidate.

The store offered customers the chance to preorder the comics, which begs the question: Which candidate is ahead in orders? It's close. Last week, McCain had 51 preorders and Obama had 50.
Mitchell didn't think Atomic Comics would be carrying Sarah Palin and Joe Biden-themed comic books. It's an interesting thought, though.

More information: www.atomic comics.com/election.html.

Source: The Arizona Republic

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