Friday, September 19, 2008

McCain to new lows

Yesterday, Republican John McCain held up the dog tags of a soldier killed in Afghanistan, saying they had been given to him by a female supporter.

According to the Associated Press, The Arizona senator lamented how negative the presidential contest had become and then told the audience that a woman named Cheryl Lee Patrick had reminded him why politics matter.

“When Sarah and I landed in the airport here there was a woman there to greet us, and she handed me an envelope,” Mr. McCain said.

“Please remember and support our troops in Afghanistan. God bless you,” McCain read from the envelope. He opened it and pulled out Lybert's dog tags, as members of the audience gasped.

“I will do everything I can and know to make sure his sacrifice was not in vain,” McCain told the audience to loud cheers.

In 2000, a similar incident occurred on the McCain campaign trail. Having fought back against push-polls suggesting he fathered an illegitimate black child, McCain was facing accusations of having gone negative. At a town hall event, he was confronted by a woman who told him that her son had believed in him, and was now disillusioned with politics. McCain swore on the spot to return honour to politics and promised to call the kid immediately. It was a huge moment, and allowed McCain to close the books on his own questionable behaviour.

Not to suggest that his campaign would deliberately create a story line during a week when they have been repeatedly accused of lying about Barack Obama's record. But it must be a relief for the guy to be talking about war again.

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