Thursday, September 25, 2008

Joe Biden stepping down as Barack Obama's VP?

There is no doubt that the Democrats who voted for Hillary Clinton in the primariers are still fuming mad that she didn’t win the nomination…but they were angered even further when Barack Obama didn’t have the guts or fortitude to choose Clinton as his running mate for this year’s election.

So when Sarah Palin was selected by the Republican Party…it seemed as though a lot of women fled to McCain because they liked him better than Barack Obama and they admired The Maverick for choosing a female running mate…no matter how idiotic the decision actually appears to be.

So what better way for the Democrats to regain their plummeting momentum than to get back a lot of the pro-abortion women’s vote and some of that white, working middle class vote throughout the United States than to place Hillary Rodham Clinton back on the ticket?

I really cannot see this scenario taking place…with Biden stepping down…unless there really is something very wrong with Joe Biden’s health.

But wouldn’t this have been examined long before he was chosen by Barack Obama to be his running mate? I mean in the vetting process?

Joe Biden is saying a lot of things that are just plain stupid and kind of annoying to those to whom he is directing his comments…but this is normal, typical Joe Biden! So I say that these rumors of Hillary Clinton coming in to replace him as VP are just ridiculous rumors and that Barack Obama will probably be muzzling Joe Biden until the October 2, 2008 Veep debate with Sarah Palin.

At any rate, I am not very sure that even Hillary Clinton could stop the spiraling poll numbers for the Democrats at this point in the game.

The Democrats may just have to admit that they lost the election to someone who played their image and pandering game better than they did…John McCain, when he chose Sarah Palin as his running mate (please don’t say he picked her because she, too, is a Maverick)…utter nonsense.

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